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Motorola Digital Walkie Talkies
Motorola Digital Walkie Talkies promote the concept of two way radio communication technology by combining voice and data. This product range is suitable for strong collaboration among employees for achieving higher output at job.
Kenwood Walkie Talkie
Kenwood Walkie Talkies are well known for their large numbers of channel supporting function, programmable channels, dual priority scanning arrangement and various other advanced features that set this product range apart from commonly used vehicle mobile radios and base stations.
Kenwood and Motorola Repeater
Kenwood and Motorola Repeaters are used for upgrading the standard of signal power for improved transmission of data irrespective of distance. Long working life, user friendly features and high operating speed are some of the key aspects of this product range.
Wireless Tour Guide System
Wireless Tour Guide Systems offer user the opportunity to interact with one of multiple tour operators digitally. Run by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, this range of systems is useful for strong collaboration of team members.
Hart Communicator
Hart Communicators are basically systems that support HART which is a type of open communication protocol. These communicators are required for monitoring, processing and also for calibrating more than one devices simultaneously.
Antenna Rotator
Yaesu G-2800 DXA Antenna Rotators are needed to install antennas of different specifications. Offered rotators are housed in die cast aluminum case which is weather protected. Noise free operation and maintenance free functioning are some of the key aspects of this product range.
Security Equipment
This array of Security Equipments is useful to safeguard public life and properties against natural as well as against man made disasters. Available in different specifications, this product line has long life span.

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